Prator is a Belgian law firm active in the public sector. The firm is specialized in constitutional law, administrative law, environmental and urban planning law and public procurement law.

Passion for and in the public sector

As a law firm Prator provides specialized and independent legal advice. Prator also performs procedures before the Constitutional Court, the Council of State, administrative jurisdictions and civil courts.

In addition Prator has extensive experience with legislative projects and policy-supporting studies.

Our law office provides legal support to Governments, companies, and individuals. In addition it can offer assistance to providers of legal service who are confronted with legal complications that require specialized support.

Quality and specialisation

Prator chooses to be a niche firm that specialises in the public sector. This gives us the ability to provide the high quality service our clients are looking for. Prator has extensive experience in providing assistance in complex projects and collaborates with other top specialists both in Belgium and abroad.

Prator differentiates by its competence and experience in public authorities, its efficient and flexible approach and, above all, its passion for and in the public sector.